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The Gulf Coast Mental Health Center has always subscribed to the philosophy that it has as its responsibility the mental health of every citizen within the four-county catchment area. Recognizing that individual needs vary and that they collectively cover a wide spectrum, the Center has tried to keep the delivery capability of the various services consistent with community needs and to respond to these needs in the most responsible and effective ways possible.

The purpose of the Center’s program is stated in the form of three objectives:

To promote better living for all citizens of Region XIII through mental health education, evaluation, and treatment.

To prevent mental illness and emotional disturbances by assisting individuals in their adjustment to life.

To utilize the most appropriate professional methods in the treatment of mental illness, emotional disorders, and developmental disabilities.


Senate Bill No. 2229 (passed by the Mississippi Legislature in 1966 and amended subsequently by the Laws of 1972, 1973, and 1974) provided the structure for regional program development by authorizing counties to join together to form multi-county regional commissions on mental health and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.

The Region XIII Commission functions as the Board of Directors for the Gulf Coast Mental Health Center. The regional commission is composed of members appointed by the Boards of Supervisors of the counties in the region. The Board of Supervisors of each participating county appoints one member to represent its county on the regional commission in its respective region for a term of four years.

Regional commissions are authorized to design programs which most appropriately meet the needs of the local areas. They may administer the program directly or, if deemed more appropriate, designate other agencies to operate the programs for the region.

Mississippi has 15 designated Intellectual Development Disabilities. Region XIII is composed of Hancock, Harrison, Pearl River, and Stone Counties.

Programs that receive funds through the authority of the Department of Mental Health are required to be certified. To be certified, a program must meet the “Minimum Standards for Community Mental Health/Intellectually and Developmentally Disables Services” developed by the Department and comply with the other special guidelines and regulations of the Department for programs and service operation. The extent of compliance is determined by on-site visits conducted biennially by a DMH certification visit team.

Financial support is received through federal block grants, Medicaid reimbursement, the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, county taxes, contractual agreements, fees for services, and contributions, both direct and through the United Way.

Region XIII Commissioners

Harrison County
Laura Hasty

Hancock County
Candy Murphy

Pearl River County
Bonnie Hodge

Stone County
Lynn Stokes

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